Monday, 31 March 2014

Time to Start Again

Right, this blog died a little bit after my second year of university. I made it to record the progress of my developing practice module. Since then I have graduated, with a first class I might add, and .... been living at home with the parents for a year or so. I've been looking at why things aren't going anywhere for me at the moment and the bottom line is - I need to work harder. I need to stop expecting things to drop into my lap and for everything to be smooth sailing. In an effort to improve, in an area sorely neglected I might add, I have enrolled in The Magic Box . A Chris Oatley class which deals in the art of digital painting. I have only just begun and I thought it would be good to track my progress here.

So watch this space, I have just begun the first assignment; 'Fancy Animals'. You have to choose a painted portrait with atmospheric lighting and then an animal to replace the head. This is right up my street as I am keen on character design, however the aim is not on design, but the next step; Colour Comp.

You can see my research for the first assignment here