Saturday, 14 May 2011


It was Neeva's birthday on Thursday, so I drew her receiving her very first birthday present; a tortoise named Terry.

(I'm grateful that blogger decided to live again)

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Some sketchbook stuff

I generally try to take my sketchbook out with me so that, should the mood strike, I can do a couple of quick observational drawings. Its good practice for me and I really enjoy it.

I am in a musical called Sweet Charity and it's now started to get serious. We had a sunday rehursal so I took my sketchbook along, it's really hard to draw people when acting because they move so much, but I tried. Also some one braught along their kids and someone else braught their dog, always fun to draw.

This was on holiday, but I was being distracted by over the shoulder lookers so I quite pretty quickly.

Random at homeness, my sister talking on the phone. It was good to study one person for a little while, you sort of get to know their shape better and they become easier to draw after a while.

Monday, 9 May 2011

Poster research

This is a fantastic site for how to make a good informative poster. It's worth the read and not too long either.

I have looked at a few sites and they all say some pretty similar things;

name and tital should be first, your tital should be your punchline
condense your information
you have roughly 11 seconds to grab your audience, so use your tital well
don't put too much information on the poster, if its too busy no one will bother to look at it
and the text size needs to be able to be read from 6 feet away.

These are only a few of the criteria but they are pretty helpful.

Friday, 6 May 2011


So I scanned it in and coloured it and now I actually have some sort of finshed thing! Yay! Though I apologise for the sound quality... not entirely sure how to fix it but hopefully you can work it out just from her lips haha.
And yes, I am indeed proud of it, even with all the faults.

... the image behind her is one I found on google... I just wanted her to be outside due to her flowy hair.

Thursday, 5 May 2011


I'm trying to churn out a picture a day for Neeva's facebook so her page is a little more interesting. I may have also started to have conversations with her.. ie myself, so we'll see what happens with that haha.

lip sync

So i've been working on my lip sync as I've not really done any before.

This was just a quick test to see if I could link the word properly, its not great but it was a starting point.

The next one is much better, I even went a bit over board and did floaty hair for fun. It was hard to get the eyes to look alive when she is looking forward and not doing anything other than speaking. Anyway, I'm going to scan in, colour and sync tomorrow. But I thought I'd put up what I have done so far. She is saying "my name is Neeva"

I am hoping to have something that I can put on her facebook, like those funny vids people put on. I have some ideas which I'm going to start storyboarding and hopefully get done whilst we're still here.

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Day 1

I have had a very good day indeed. I kept to my new schedule and ticked off all my tasks for today. Yay!
Also I work the full 8 hour day today which made me feel very good. Now I get to chill out properly, until tomorrow.

This morning I got Neeva to lipsync to 'Hello' but I am finding her face quite hard to animate as it's not got much structure, not really sure what to do about it.
Then I came home and wrote my evaluation, something I was expecting to be doing all week but I think I have finished!

And then I did a picture for Neeva's facebook which is definatly the best so far --->

Monday, 2 May 2011

Holiday is definatly over...

So, with the holiday drawing to a close I realise that all that lovely time I could have been working I didn't. As a consequence the next couple of weeks are going to be hectik but productive.

I intend to finish my days with a shape challenge. This is where I have 5 shapes, the same each week, and create different things with them. Todays was simple as it was the first one.

Faces -

Tuesday, 26 April 2011


So I have had my lovely week off, got burned and did alot of swimming. It was good.
But I have returned to work now, and I'm happy to say that I have written my Visual Culture essay and proposal. (A big deal for me as I fine writing essays really hard).

Not only that I have done some bits for Neeva's Facebook.

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Doing things

Art Means To Do - Marcel Duchamp

I have not been making art, I've been not doing. Pushing out the odd and slightly tepid drawing. If art means to do then hang the consequences and make mistakes, right?

Anyway, I'm going on holiday for a week and I intend to draw stuff. Probably unrelated or whatever, but I need to get my love of doing art back on track. Especially before next year.
It's really strange because before this project I drew and drew and drew, then apparently this thing has made me feel completely inadequate.
Trying to focus on writing essays is even harder, but I guess persistence is key.

Now, I'm off to paint someone's pool house.

Friday, 8 April 2011


I watched Pirates of the Caribbean the other night and I had a bit of a renewal of love for Jack Sparrow. His character is just pretty awsome.
I couldn't help but make some sort of stupid encounter between him and Neeva. Yes I know its very girly but shhhh.

'Being a drawing is pretty awsome sometimes.' - Neeva Sol


We just nipped out to the park as its such a beautiful afternoon. I took my sketchbook along so I didn't feel like I was completely skiving haha. But sitting outside sketching with some friends is a pretty ideal way of spending an afternnon, so I kind of cheated.

I am thinking of doing my 'final' film on a kid of around 5-6 years old, so this was good research. I'm thinking the story is this (in 5 words) - Boy Scared of Cracked Pavements.

Also, this is my song for today. This sitting outside in the hazy afternoon, perfect.
and maybe this too...

Some things...

I got these done this morning, an aid for some animation that I plan to have a go at for her. It's tricky to stay inside at the moment. The weather is just too glorious. 

I know this has no sound but it was just a test. She is supposed to be saying "hello, my name is Neeva" I need some more mouth shapes aparently. (And a sound track ha)

Tuesday, 5 April 2011


This interent phenomina is a cause for alot of my procrastination. I didn't think I'd ever be so obsessed but aparently I have very little self control.
Well, when we had to make our professional practice presentation the professional guest said I ought to make my character a facebook page. Well I had completely forgotten about it until the other day. And I thought I would really enjoy doing this so I have set it up and now I'm working on pictures and things I can put up on there to make her seem like a real person.
I thought it could be an ongoing project. And I can involve animation and things in it too so it fits in.

Here is the background of the first picture to be put onto her page.

Neeva Sol's facebook. Add her as a friend?

Monday, 4 April 2011

Lip Syncing

Soo.... I was looking at my animation so far and I thought that while its fun to do it's not really going anywhere or going to be of much use to me later. Also, I don't think I'll look back on the film at the end and say yeah, I'm really proud of that.

So I was talking to my dad and he said it seamed silly not to be using the characters that I draw all the time to actually animate with. And I had to agree. I have been looking at loads of character animation and wishing that I could be as good as that. So why not use this opportunity to have a go.
I haven't really done any handdrawn lipsyncing so I want to have a go at some words. Then build from there. Should be fun.

Thursday, 31 March 2011

Recent Sketchbook pages...

Some pages from my sketchbook, I felt guilty that I had no animation to show... I draw to chill out in the evenings, it's one of my favourite past times. Even if they do turn out a little....iffy.

These are taken direct from my sketchbook... they are a bit of a jumble.

A week of excuses...

Right, this week, after promising myself I would have a great and productive week... sort of went to pot. Due to lots of different reasons, none of which are really excusable, I have only completed one day of work. One!! In a whole week. Sort of dissapointed in myself really. There may be many hours in a day but boy do they go fast!
Anyway, back in the rhythm tomorrow and in uni doing some animation. I have one to show from tuesday but it's still at uni so I'll post tomorrow.
Back on the horse people!!!!

Wednesday, 23 March 2011


Myself and Niomi have set ourselves a challenge (with help from John ofcourse). Seeing as we are animation students we felt like animating. But with a purpose its more fun.

So each day a new word is given from a random word generator which we use to animate. At the end of the day we have to swap our last frames over which we then use to start the next day with. At the end two overlapping films will be made. It's an infinate project and has already proved to be alot of fun.

Our first word was Garbage (given to us by Mary)

It took a while to get back into the swing of animating. The thing I struggled most with during doing this one was having something not move or pause for long enough. But I perseveared and I'm happy with how this turned out.

Today's word was Rapid. I had to start with Niomi's last frame and vis versa, so yeah:

Really happy with this one, alot of fun to do!!!


Thats my hour earlier, I did try for 8 but my body said no. Will try again tomorrow.

But this what I've done this morning,

Now off to animate. Our word is Rapid.

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Penny and Alf


I was on the web, as usual. And I stumbled on this lady. She has a fantastic blog, mostly due to how much life and love she puts into her drawing. I want to put more into my work, and this is a good start.

Saturday, 19 March 2011


I saw this and couldn't resist having a go...

I was bored and wanted to make something cute and frivolous. So this is Penny, she is childish and sweet. And a centaur.

Also, I got a fringe cut in yesterday. One of the first things I've done without agonising over it. The hairdresser was sort of shocked when I said I'd only decided to get one the day before.
Anyway, I like it so yay!

If anyone's interested...

Here is some art to look through, stuff that I love and has inspired me...

Devaint Art favs

Some things that I enjoy looking at...

I spend a lot of time looking through other people's art work online. I find it both therapeutic and inspiring.
Anyway, I feel these are pretty relevant.

Artist's DA

I really like all her work, she does characters with huge and indeoth backstories that all interlink. But I especially like these 'Brainspews' because not only does she put loads of lovely pictures in there but she adds little funny comments. It sort of makes it more engaging, and that fact that it makes you smile is a really good thing.

This comic is really sweet and simple. Consisting of only four panals, the artist has cleverly positioned and worded her art so it communicates the gag. I wanted to show this because the art isn't particularly considered but this doens't matter as the gags carry it.

Thursday, 17 March 2011

All change please....

OK, so I've reached my edge. The feeling of wanting to jump but being to darn scared is nauseating. I have this problem with letting go, doing things for the sake of doing them. And this project is got to that point. I'm looking over the edge but all I can see is fog, not the best feeling in the world.
So, in a radical attempt to bring a bit of enthusiasm and enjoyment back for myself I have decided to simplify my project right down. (I have this horrible personality disorder where I overthink everything so much that I never actually do them... I'm just left with a hirrble panic feeling and sense of dissapointment. In short, I need to say yes more!)

I have come to realise the key thing that is missing from my work is an engaging narrative. I'm sure when it comes down to it I could produce a good painting or drawing. But these are just tools with which to make a bigger picture, the key ingrediant is the story.
So I propose to make a series of short comic/gag strips which focus on delivering an idea rather than their shiny appearance.

I have learned;

I over think to the point where I become completely useless
I have alot of fear

Time to change

Wednesday, 16 March 2011


I started on doing a painting in acrylic then got scared an stopped. So instead I did these as a test:

Friday, 11 March 2011


Here is the view from the castle's back window. He has a sea in his garden!! (I want one)
It was painted using this colour scheme:

Here it is:

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

work in progress

Idea for my banner, and the back garden of the castle. Using the colours from the photograph in the previous post.

Blog trawling

I quite enjoy through the blogoshpere. It means I get to see some new things that I maybe wouldn't have otherwise. Such as this guy: David St George
Now, I have done a bit of photography so I can appreciate it. But I've never really been that much of a fan. However, his photographs are rather beautiful. I thought he was worth mentioning on here as the colours he manages to capture/manipulate are stunning.

Monday, 7 March 2011

digital painting

Both drawn straight into photoshop, using predominantly the smudge tool.
The second one is a test for the misty hands of the Ala in my first panel.

Walk Cycle

This week I'm concentrating on the walk cycle... something I'm a bit scared of I have to say. But I've made a start and will use this as a basis for any others that I do. Next time I think I'll try to give it a bit more character.

The rest

Last week I did some bouncing ball tests, but our internet connection at home isn't so good. Anyway, I've managed to get them online :)

Sunday, 6 March 2011


A painting!!

So I wanted to draw my main guy character for once. I had a really strong vision of what he would look like when he made his bargain with the Ala.
I drew him out and painted him in watercolour first, then just played around with some colours in photoshop.

Before I did this I did a very quick sketch of what I want the panel to look like. Its very rough.

Friday, 4 March 2011


In my story the girl is given over to the daemon as a sacrifice. I invisioned a procession escorting her to the gates of his castle, all holding candles to light her way. So I wanted to practice light being cast on her face from random angles. This is what I came up with.

Digital painting

I had a go at doing some digital painting (finally bit the bullet). I'm glad I did, even though it's not come out as well as I'd hoped it's a good start. It can only get better... right?

Sharp Shotz

I am lucky enough to be involved in a project called Sharp Shotz this year. Where I, and 3 other uwe students, will be providing creative and techincal support to 2 groups of secondary students. We have so far had two meetings and it's been really exciting.
I have written up detailed reports of these meetings, as I believe we are going to graded on this, but I'm not sure what I can say online. So, for now, here's the main site - Sharp Shotz

.... we were being filmed for the second meeting... it was very bizaar.

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

A bit of background information...

My male character started off as an vampire, but I felt that it was a bit ...lame. He needed to be a bad guy, but with sympathetic qualities and a reason for being bad.
So I looked up mythological creatures, monsters and shapeshifters. And I came across this creature, Ala. It is said to be a weather daemon that causes havoc to crops.
Ala info

I am not very good at drawing the weather so I though this would be a great challenge, and I will be looking at Turner for inspiration.

Anyway, I decided that something that cause shapeshift and control the weather would make a really good bad guy. I have written a brief back story for him, but need to flesh out his character much more.


So before I said that my story is set around the early 19th century. I have been thinking it through and I've decided it would be better if had a fairytale time rather than an actual one. It makes it easier for me to shape my characters how I want them, and gives me free reign on their scenes too. I havn't done any painting yet because I am trying to cement my characters first. The story is fleshing out and evolving.
This is the first outline of the story that I came up with. It's very rough around the edges. My main male character has changed pretty dramatically.

Basically the main theme of this story can be summed up in one picture...

Some Animation

On Monday I dragged my lazy bones into uni to actually do some animation! I know, crazy right. It was quite alot of fun, may not have done much drawing though as I got carried away with using a 5 pence piece to work out a path. I think the instant result was pretty gradifying.
Anyway, I've done a few little test, unfortunatly youtube is taking about a day and a half to upload one so I'll add more as I get them up onto the interwebs.

This test I wanted to give the ball a bit of character, so its more of a bouncy creature than a bouncing ball. I may have uploaded these in slightly the wrong order... Oh well.

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Something to aim for...

A while ago I wrote the outlines for a story and I wanted to make it into a comic. I then decided that I wanted to make a series of illustrative paintings.
Later on I found these --->

click for more...
She has basically done what I want to do, only better. Anyway, this is what I want to aim for. Using old painting techniques, but in my own drawing style.

Monday, 28 February 2011

Some research

I want to create a series of paintings which corrispond with a story that I have been working on. It's set in the very early 19th century so I wanted to look into the fashions of the time. Here are a few dresses and things that I liked.

Friday, 25 February 2011