Thursday, 31 March 2011

Recent Sketchbook pages...

Some pages from my sketchbook, I felt guilty that I had no animation to show... I draw to chill out in the evenings, it's one of my favourite past times. Even if they do turn out a little....iffy.

These are taken direct from my sketchbook... they are a bit of a jumble.

 This little girl is really working for me at the moment, she is fun to draw and very very cute. I'm thinking I'll use her in something soon. I'm thinking her name could be Maude.

 Having drawn a centaur with little experience in actually drawing horses I drew one horse, then gave up and drew something stupid and saucy. Much easier!

 I didn't really know what to draw so I scribbled down some shapes and put in ladies faces. As you can see I liked the trangle head.

 I really like the Glinda character from the Wicked musical, sort of like Lottie from Princess and The Frog. S yeah, I tried my own version of her. She's a stroppy mare.

 I havn't drawn my main character Neeva in ages so I she turned up, alot easier to draw for some reason. I like her new more sarcastic appearance.

Because I like to draw people ask me to draw occationally. Something I'm sort of reluctant to do because everyone wants you to draw exactly what they think and you can get it so very wrong. But I tried for Jack, who promptly turned around and said it looked nothing like him. Ah well, you win some you loose some.

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