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So before I said that my story is set around the early 19th century. I have been thinking it through and I've decided it would be better if had a fairytale time rather than an actual one. It makes it easier for me to shape my characters how I want them, and gives me free reign on their scenes too. I havn't done any painting yet because I am trying to cement my characters first. The story is fleshing out and evolving.
This is the first outline of the story that I came up with. It's very rough around the edges. My main male character has changed pretty dramatically.

Basically the main theme of this story can be summed up in one picture...

  • Boys sucked into the tube.
  • Bill goes in after
  • Bill finds himself in the basement of a decadent old Victorian house.
  • Can not find Cedric
  • The basement floor is well kept and surprisingly warm. With Persian rugs and furniture.
  • He walks up wide steps, with a banister.
  • Looks through the top railings to see a large hallway that is practically a room, and the front door on the other side.
  • Voices come closer and he is rooted to the spot.
  • The vampyres don’t see him at first, as they float through to the other room, but the last does.
  • He waits until the rest are gone then whips around to confront the intruder.
  • Bill tries to explain how he came to be there. And where has Cedric gone?
  • Lord Ruthven has already disposed of Cedric, but not as you would expect. He has thrown him out of another entrance. Where the only escape is via the sea. It’s not a long swim to the shore. Just round a small bay.
  • Meanwhile the families of the village have realized their boys are missing and gone on a search party. A small group of them find him barely alive and washed up on the beach.
  • Bill leaves by the same exit, but is a strong swimmer so arrives to see the backs of his search party.
  • Ruthven, irked by the intrusions, sends out a messenger in the form of a white limo drawn by three giant wolves to the villagers. Intercepting them as they hurry back to the village.
  • The messenger relates his words in his voice, a vessel. “A bargain will be struck; I will remove the shadow and your village will be safe and undisturbed. If you willingly give to me a female soul of your choosing to live with me. I will give you one week, if you have not complied I will wreak havoc on you all.”
  • With not much of a choice the villagers set about trying decide who should be willingly given. It is a week of tears and sorrow.
  • Finally a strong young woman steps up, Wren, she has a family and younger siblings who she loves and cares for. She doesn’t wish anyone to be harmed. Her love for the small village is so strong she decides that it is worth her life. Besides, he can’t be all bad, he let the two boys go.
  • At the end of the week a procession make their way to the gates of the mansion. They hold candles and her hands.
  • The gates swing open to admit her. And she walks through, silent tears trickle down her cheeks. She already told her family how much she loves them but she wanted to hug them forever. Looking back she seeks out their faces and smiles.
  • Two white wolves guard the door, they let her by without a sniff and she enters the grand home.
  • He is there to greet her. Not someone she expects at all. He looks young and strong, handsome in fact, but Wren can’t help but hate him a little bit.
  • She stays silent as he shows her around and explains everything. She is surprised; her room is as far away from his as possible. In a separate wing in fact.
  • After the grand tour (and it is so grand) he takes her back to her room. Telling her to change for dinner. She can’t help but ask “what do u want with me?” But he leaves the room before she can ask again. What the hell would she be eating anyway? Would she be diner? Thoughts race around her head. But she reaches the conclusion that she ought to follow his wishes, she had already assigned herself the sacrifice when she walked through the gates.
  • The dining table is long, and she can barely see the other side. The room is gloomily lit. She had lost her apatite when the boys had gone missing and the thought of food now made her stomach turn. They ate in complete silence, the food was good, but she could only manage to eat out of politeness.
  • Weeks went by; she only saw him at dinner and confined herself to her room the rest of the time. He didn’t seam interested in her presence at all. Slowly the fear left her and she began taking walks about the place. It was huge and every day she found new rooms and annexes. There were doors that lead everywhere, her favourite was an old wooden door that lead outside to a beach.
  • She notices that no one else lives there. Just him. And realises how lonely he must be.
  • Taking full advantage of no one being there she begins to swim naked in the sea every morning. Soon she stumbles across the kitchen , where she meets the wolves properly, there are 4 overall. All white. They can talk and she spends a lot of time there with copious amounts if tea having long conversations with them.  They become her friends and enjoy her company.
  • She starts trying to talk to Ruthven, he seams disinterested still but each day opens up to her a little more.
  • Its torturous for him to have her there, every day he watches from an upstairs window as she swims in the sea. Her scent intoxicates him and takes all his strength not to bite her, let alone have a conversation. At the same time, he feels a sense of loss when he can no longer smell her, when she’s in her room.
  • One day he can’t help himself and has to be outside with her as she swims. She is enjoying herself so much she doesn’t notice at first, he stands and watches her. The day is white, but no sunlight shines through the clouds. When she does realise he’s there she doesn’t react like he thinks she would. She stands out of the water, completely naked, and smiles ruefully at him. When he doesn’t speak she continues swimming, looking at him now and again.
  • She was used to his strange ways by now, and couldn’t help wanting to open him up and get to know him. She had lived there 6 months and they had barely spoken. One day they ran into each other in a hallway, not knowing what she was doing she walked right up to him and kissed him on the cheek. He looked at her as though she had slapped him and she drew back, embarrassed. She began to walk away but his hand shot out and grabbed her arm. He drew her close to him, and gently kissed her mouth. He was cold but she didn’t care. The kiss lasted forever but not long enough. He let her go and nearly fled from the room. She was left feeling confused but happy.
  • He was not there for dinner that night. Or the night after. When she asked the wolves they said he had gone on a hunt and would be gone some time. Her days fell back into routine.
  • One morning, she is swimming in the sea and he’s there. She can’t contain herself and she runs, naked, to him. They stand awkwardly looking at each other. She realises she’s naked and tries to cover herself. He stops her and wraps his arms around her. They kiss passionately, he carries her up to his room.

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