Wednesday, 2 March 2011

A bit of background information...

My male character started off as an vampire, but I felt that it was a bit ...lame. He needed to be a bad guy, but with sympathetic qualities and a reason for being bad.
So I looked up mythological creatures, monsters and shapeshifters. And I came across this creature, Ala. It is said to be a weather daemon that causes havoc to crops.
Ala info

I am not very good at drawing the weather so I though this would be a great challenge, and I will be looking at Turner for inspiration.

Anyway, I decided that something that cause shapeshift and control the weather would make a really good bad guy. I have written a brief back story for him, but need to flesh out his character much more.

Male Character BG –
A terrible draught grips the town, due to the lack of water people start to become very ill. Including the wife of the local nobleman, she is heavily pregnant. The nobleman does everything he can to bring good food and water to her, but it starts to run out and people have started dying. With no one to turn to he looks to the sky and begs for it to rain. Little does he know that a weather daemon, Ale, is listening and he unintentionally bargains with it. In return for making the sky rain again, the daemon curses the man, turning him into Ale.
The rain returns and in time his wife gets better, he has not told her of his curse. But there was a witness who tells the town Priest what he saw. The Priest tells everyone that the nobleman is a daemon and the town rejects him. His wife is a naive soul, turns against her husband and gets taken into the church as a ward and a widow. The priest tells her that her husband is dead and a daemon lives in his place.
The nobleman, abandoned and betrayed by all whom he loved, becomes bitter.
Overtime, he has turned his back on humanity, after seeing the cruelty. He is less and less human, and spends more time in the form of a cloud roaming the skies. He can’t help his whims and is self loathing.
The town moves further away from the nobleman’s home, and a forest springs around him. The town dwindles to a village and his story becomes a myth.

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