Thursday, 17 March 2011

All change please....

OK, so I've reached my edge. The feeling of wanting to jump but being to darn scared is nauseating. I have this problem with letting go, doing things for the sake of doing them. And this project is got to that point. I'm looking over the edge but all I can see is fog, not the best feeling in the world.
So, in a radical attempt to bring a bit of enthusiasm and enjoyment back for myself I have decided to simplify my project right down. (I have this horrible personality disorder where I overthink everything so much that I never actually do them... I'm just left with a hirrble panic feeling and sense of dissapointment. In short, I need to say yes more!)

I have come to realise the key thing that is missing from my work is an engaging narrative. I'm sure when it comes down to it I could produce a good painting or drawing. But these are just tools with which to make a bigger picture, the key ingrediant is the story.
So I propose to make a series of short comic/gag strips which focus on delivering an idea rather than their shiny appearance.

I have learned;

I over think to the point where I become completely useless
I have alot of fear

Time to change

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